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Rider’s Edge

Nov 25, 2020

Join the conversation today as we talk about your tack room and your horse's equipment. How your horse's cinch, saddle pad, and saddle fit are important to performance and safety. This is a basic concept that can have big impacts on the horse and rider. 

Nov 18, 2020

Join the conversation today, where I reflect on the healing process. Whether we are talking about horses or riders, it is important to know that things take time. As, we have all seen in the barn or with our own journey that progress takes time. 

Nov 4, 2020

Join me today on a short pause this fall. I give you highlights on past episodes to listen or relisten to whether you are needing some knowledge about your riding or your horse's health. Rider's Edge strives to bring you meaningful conversations to help both horse and rider performance in the arena. 

Oct 28, 2020

Join the conversation today as I welcome Nicole Coleman, PT, DPT, WCS back. We discuss three aspects of the pelvic core and how it relates to the rider and horse. We give you actionable steps that you can start today with addressing those three parts of the pelvic core. The rider's pelvic core is important for...

Oct 21, 2020

Join the conversation today as I update you on all things that are happening with Charlie, my horse. If you have been along for the long rehab trail, you know about Charlie and his outlook. He has a lesion on his deep digital flexor tendon, and is unable to perform at his current level.