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Rider’s Edge

Jan 26, 2024

Today's conversation gives lessons learned the hard way of how kissing spine and other injuries can affect a barrel horse and the road back to competition. Casey French, barrel racer, and Barbara Parks, physical therapist, discuss their lessons in helping horses compete in their best form. 

Jan 19, 2024

3 connections the rider can make to improve their riding and enhance their results in the arena. This conversation is with physical therapist, Susanne Kritz. Her fresh perspective will connect the dots of the rider's body that you weren't expecting. 

Jan 11, 2024

Have you ever had to navigate the healthcare system? Was it scary or overwhelming? Tune in today to find four ways to be your own healthcare advocate. These tips will help you and your loved ones navigate making good healthcare choices. 

Jan 3, 2024

Join today's conversation with Amethyst Barto of Acclivity Intergrated Physical Therapy as we discuss how posture and the nervous system affect your riding. 

Dec 27, 2023

My version of Wrapped 2023 comes in the form of three horsemanship lessons that were vital to my journey this year. These lessons are not new but they finally clicked for me! Join me with today's conversation. Maybe, these lessons will show you that you are not allow in your journey.