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Rider’s Edge

Mar 25, 2020

Join me today as I have a conversation with DeAnna Harrison about the theory and thought behind essential oils. DeAnna does a wonderful job of laying the foundation of essential oils. We also talk about using oils as an additional treatment to complex issues such as ulcers and EIPH. No matter what your opinion...

Mar 20, 2020

The world has changed a lot in a few days! I take just a little while to chat about controlling what you can control, helping your community by obeying guidelines, and how telehealth can help you in this changing landscape. 

Mar 11, 2020

Join us today as we have a conversation with Jim and Hanna of Flair Equine Nasal Strips. We cover a lot of ground on the complicated situation that is exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage(EIPH) in performance horses. There is foundation and science of EIPH laid out in an easy to follow conversation. We also cover how...

Mar 4, 2020

Join me on today's episode as I discuss low back pain. I've talked about it before and I'll talk about it again. It is one one of the most common ailments in America. Today, I want to make you think about how you handle low back pain when it happens, and how you might change your approach for a healthier you and a...