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Rider’s Edge

May 24, 2023

Have you ever wanted more data and feedback from your horse? How do you know if your fitness plan is working? Dr. Tula with LARC testing will explain how LARC testing can give you insight to your horse's fitness through measuring the cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscluar systems. 

May 17, 2023

Join today's conversation with Aleisha Shirley, physical therapist. She talks about her favorite subject: becoming a better rider. Her own story shows how riders can return to competition after injury. Her program Solid in the Saddle helps riders improve after injury or after losing confidence. 

Aleisha uses slow motion...

May 10, 2023

Today's episode is about all things mental! KK Rule provides her insights and takes on the mental game of barrel racing. We have a conversation about riding multiple horses, the mental game of running down the alley, and how to focus when traveling to an event. 

May 3, 2023

Today's episode is the first of two conversations with Becky Pearson of Pivot Point Equine & Rider Rehab. Becky is located in Broken Bow, Nebraska. She is a phenomal therapist focusing on the horse and rider.